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The best budget graphics card.

Intel Arc A750

You might be surprised to see the Intel Arc A750 as our pick for the best budget graphics card right now. I’m quite surprised myself. But when I thought on what might sit in this spot in this guide, really thought about it, I came up short for another graphics card that can match its feature set right now.

The Arc A750 offers a moderately cut-down version of the Arc A770 GPU, the G10, which you can read about more in my Intel Arc A770 review. It comes with 28 Xe-cores, the building blocks of the Xe-HPG architecture, which is only four off the 32 Xe-cores found in the Arc A770. For that, it’s not massively off the pace of that card in terms of performance, either, but it does run slightly slower and has half the total overall memory capacity.

But the memory spec on the Arc A750, for a card of its price, is immense. Mostly that’s because Intel’s Arc A750 is more graphics card than it should be for the money. Intel invested on some beefy specs for its first-generation GPUs, including a massive memory spec, and ultimately the drivers couldn’t get to where Intel wanted them to be. That means some games don’t play nicely on the Arc A750, but it’s not all bad. It also means that the Arc A750 has a lot of untapped potential.

Potential that Intel is gradually exploiting with every new driver update.

In the meantime, Intel and its partners (such as ASRock) have been dropping the price of the Arc A750 to rival AMD’s RX 6600. The RX 6600 was my previous pick for this spot, but ultimately I feel the Intel has more graphics card to offer for the money than the competition. And there are a few more things to sweeten the deal.

The Arc A750 comes with impressive AV1 acceleration for encoding in the new, bandwidth-savvy codec. That’s a big deal if you’re a streamer or content creator looking to improve the quality of your videos. The A750’s ray tracing ability is similarly beefed up compared to the competition’s.

There will be cases where the A750 is way off the mark, and that pretty much rules this card out for anyone on an older system without Resize BAR support, but generally I think it’s a savvy buy for its new lower price and definitely a bit of a budget underdog right now. At a time when graphics cards are often underwhelming for the money and dreadfully prescriptive at the lower-end, I’m finding myself getting surprisingly more and more onboard with the Arc A750 as a great option.

Who’d have thought? Not me.

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Radeon RX 6650 XT vs Intel Arc A750

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