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summer vacation


The term “summer vacation” conjures images of sunny afternoons on the shore and leisurely drives. Suntans and ice cream cones. International adventures and bright blue water straight off a postcard. 

While plenty of travelers have their go-to spots for the summer, some trips are the stuff of legend. There’s hiking to Machu Picchu, surfing in Nicaragua, or road-tripping through the American West.  

Our classic summer vacation ideas promise to ignite inspiration, force you to think differently, and have you telling stories of your adventure for decades to come. 

No matter how many passport stamps you’ve collected or countries you’ve checked off your list, there’s always a new corner of the globe left to discover. Summertime getaways to places like Scotland or the U.S. Virgin Islands have been growing in popularity among travelers recently, joining the ranks of classic summer vacation destinations like Mexico and Italy. Here, we detail some of the best ways to see these seasonal escapes.

From river cruises to train adventures to African safaris, these summer vacation ideas will inspire you for your 2023 travels.

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