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How to Create an Info Box in WordPress – Qode Interactive


If you wish to add more credibility to your brand and engage your visitors in a practical, but captivating manner, info boxes are just what you need. By incorporating these handy elements into your site, you can convey all sorts of useful messages to your visitors. An info box can help you effectively present anything and everything related to you and your brand – from offering useful information about your company or the people you work with to sharing useful links and showcasing any pieces of content you’re proud of, all the way to highlighting important characteristics about your products and services. This time around, we will show you how you can easily create, stylize, and add an info box to your WordPress site using the Qi Addons for Elementor plugin and its versatile Info Box widget. This widget is packed full with tons of different customization and stylization options, allowing you to craft all sorts of diverse and engaging info boxes and add them anywhere you want on your site. We are going to go through all the steps needed to create one such element from scratch, and share most of its available options, so make sure to keep reading. Creating an Info Box in WordPress With the Qi Addons for Elementor Plugin Coming with 60 premade custom widgets, Qi Addons for Elementor is easily one of the most versatile collections of Elementor addons on the market, including anything from creative and showcase addons all the way to WooCommerce and business-oriented ones. It allows you to build and add all sorts of beautiful and practical elements to make your website pages and sections appear more unique, professional, and engaging as a whole. One such element is the widget we will talk about today – Info Box. Not only is this widget extremely practical and easily customizable, but it also comes with all sorts of stylization options that will allow you to style your text, icons, and buttons, as well as add different kinds of backgrounds and background images, set border

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