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Divi Info Box Module – Elegant Themes


The Info Box module is a versatile module for displaying a box of content (media, text, and button) in creative ways. The module comes with convenient customization options including media placement, hover overlays, and much more. Use it to feature just about any content you want. Module Documentation How To Use The Info Box Module This is a free Divi module created by Divi Torque. Divi has a thriving ecosystem of third party modules that greatly expand Divi’s potential. This is one of the great strengths of Divi! To use this module, install the free plugin. You will then find the Info Box module in Divi’s module list. This module is fully customizable using Divi’s wide range of design settings. View Module Documentation Frequently Asked Questions What is a Divi module? Divi modules are content elements that you can use to build pages in Divi. Each module has a unique set of features, elements and design settings that help you create something unique. Different modules serve different purposes. Using Divi’s huge set of modules, you can build just about any type of website. Expand Menu Collapse Menu Is this module included free with my Divi membership? Yes, this is a free modules developed by Divi Torque and it’s available to download for free. Once you install the free WordPress plugin, this modules will become available inside of Divi’s visual builder. Expand Menu Collapse Menu Where can I find more Divi modules? Thanks to Divi’s thriving development community, there are lots of third party Divi modules available for free and for purchase. The best place to find more Divi modules is in the Divi Marketplace. Expand Menu Collapse Menu How can I make my own Divi modules? Yes, Divi’s module API makes it easy for developer to create their own modules! Once you build a module, you can use it on all of your future projects or even sell it in the Divi Marketplace.

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